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Our company needed an impulse to change corporate culture and brand. Autentika has helped us to avoid the tensions and confusions that usually accompany this step, literally playfully. The change of the brand took place in the form of a specially prepared game. The game mobilized the entire management team, so the changes were nonviolent, and all went in a great atmosphere. The principle of the game was as follows: the participants traveled through five stations. Each represented one topic of corporate culture. They were tasked with creating corporate values, introducing a corporate vision, sending a customer message or trying out special forms of communication and leadership. An unconventional way of rendering has helped everyone intensely experience what corporate culture really means. At the same time, they realized what was important and what was needed to improve. We also documented the entire course of the game. The unique experience will be a great inspiration for all those who have participated in the game, for a long time.



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